Mac Trackpad orbiting? Still not available?

This is the way!
How to enable three finger drag on OSX
System Preferences - Accessibility - Pointer Control - Mouse and Trackpad - Trackpad Options - Enable Dragging - Three Finger Drag

In sketchup press “O” to enable orbit and then simply use three fingers to orbit your model and then two for zoom functionality. Its seamless.

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Hey all, sorry I realize this thread is super old but I still find it baffling that Sketchup still doesn’t appear have a built-in way to easily support the ability to zoom, pan, and orbit on a trackpad without needing to make customizations to the OS settings (which change how I use my computer overall) or pressing keys on the key (which make it difficult to navigate with one hand). I see a lot of the old arguments that it’s not necessary or that it wouldn’t work well. The fact that Sketchup on iPad supports these very simple gestures out of the box only proves that it not only can be done, but that it’s delightful to use. Just curious but why wouldn’t we just add these exact same gestures to a trackpad?

You can see from the web version of SketchUp that trackpad is supported, hopefully some day that will show up in the desktop version.

Meanwhile, I work entirely with my MacBook Pro trackpad, except if I am testing mouse specific features. On Mac you can briefly hold Control and Command, and you drag to orbit. Once you are orbiting you can release those keys, and continue orbiting. If you press Shift you switch to pan. To go from the current tool straight to panning, you can briefly hold Control-Command-Shift, then let go of Control and Command to continue panning, and release Shift to switch to orbiting.

There is a system setting in Accessibility, where you can set a three finger touch on the trackpad to act like a left button press. I have that turned on, and it means I can gently touch with three fingers, with Control and Command briefly held down. After the orbiting starts I can release the keys, and two fingers, and be gently stroking the trackpad to continue orbiting. It’s a lot less physical effort than when there is normal trackpad support.

monospaced showed the three finger drag settings.