Live Components Counter

It would be nice to have a ‘Live’ counter of how many Live components are available on the 3D Warehouse

@TheGuz @Bryceosaurus @tickletickle


How do you envision such a counter to be helpful? I assume that some day there will be thousands, maybe tens of thousands of such components. Are you hoping to notice that the count has increased to 34904 one day to 34960 the next? Just curious.

When I go to this URL …

I see at the top …

Showing results from all categories (68 items found)

The front page is now flooded with them. In the beginning, it is important ‘marketing material’ I guess.
Eventually, the numbers will be not that precise, but in the order of 30K - 16K

Yes, a search will do that, but it involves a few more steps…

One click for me as I have that search URL bookmarked in Chrome.