Lines are pixelated after all settings changed

Hi i paste here photo of my problem. I have good PC with good CPU and GPU. I have OpenGL settings like this.

Lines are pixelated

What version of SketchUp? Please complete your profile.

Try a lower Multisample setting.

Make sure your graphics card’s drivers are up to date. Go to the manufacturer’s site to get their latest drivers. Do not trust Windows to tell you if the drivers are up to date.

Thank you for fast reply, iam using sketchup 2017

GPU is GTX 1080 TI, CPU i5 10 gen. 6core 4 ghz. Ram 16 gb

Pro or Make?

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Could you add your test file as well, with the document saved while looking at this particular view? That way we can post what we see with exactly the same test conditions.

Did you restart SketchUp after making changes to the Antialiasing setting? Changes made in the OpenGL settings come to effect only after a restart of the application.

Check, too, in the Nvidia control panel 3D application settings that Antialiasing-Mode and Antialiasing-Setting are set to “Application controlled”. Also check that ketchUp is set to use your Nvidia card.