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I like to use AutoCAD for my floor plans, foundation, roof, etc. However, I have been using sketchup to generate detailed 3D models of my homes. I have started using layout to export 2D exterior elevations and then xref importing them back in to CAD for dimensioning and layout on my title block. I am curious to know if anyone else out there operates this way?

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Sorry to hear that nobody has responded to this topic. I also utilize a hybrid approach to design with CAD and SketchUp and have found that I am much more efficient drafting in 2D with plans, enlarged plans, sections and site with a traditional CAD package. I have started to use LayOut in an effective manner to show the pictorial parts of a project, i.e. Exterior Elevations, Interior Elevations, Perspectives and 3D Assembly details. I have not really thought to use LayOut as a connection back into CAD as an Xref and wonder how you are doing this?

My great hope is to have LayOut continue its development to further ween many of us off of CAD and Big BIM.



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