Layout Selection Tool Inaccurate - any news on this?

Hi all, reviving this ‘Why is Layout’s select tool so inaccurate?’ thread.

I’m having the same ‘oven mitt’ issues with the invisible selection area for the selection tool in layout. I’m having to do excessive zooming in/out to get it to select accurately and to display the desired mode options between stretch and move, and to avoid the cursor from selecting the thing NEXT to the thing that the tip of the tool is pointed at, even when I’m well past the bounding box of that adjacent object. #$%&??!!

@samyell , @DaveR , @bifterx , @Sonder any updates from that old thread? Am I missing something here?

I’m on Windows 10 on a 1-yr-old ThinkPad laptop, Nvidia graphics card pointed to both SU and LO.

I’m also using a second monitor - a nice but older NEC which has lower resolution than the laptop screen - and I notice size-related funkiness across the entire system moving things between monitors… maybe the source of the issue?

For reference this is an image of what I’m working on

Thx, Ryan.

Deleted original comment because it’s not the answer the OP was hoping for.

one monitor, or two?

and what happens when you work from further back - say half of that zoom? I’m typically working further out, and the workaround is to zoom in to roughly this level, or a little closer.

Im still on 2019 - so yes, oven mitt selection drives me mad. I’ve just had to learn to be very organised with layers in layout and keep stuff on & then lock / unlock multiple layers of objects.

same answer as @bifterx for me…keeping objects very organized on proper layers and locked when not needed saves me all the #$(@# type of experiences.

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OY. I find that makes for a lot of trips over to the lock/unlock visible/hide controls. @bifterx I’m on the current version so I doubt it’s that. @DaveR mentioned that he is on a single monitor. Are either of you on two monitors?

Yes on tomato monitors. Makes no difference to me. Same on my laptop