Layout Selection Behavior

The first click of the mouse seems ignored. If I then zoom in/out, the previous action appears on the screen. Not sure if a particular setting is causing this behavior.

Any ideas, thanks …

Hi ct103stu0,
I am guessing you are on a Mac as we have a bug when using a two finger zoom on the trackpad. Resting your fingers on the trackpad will result in the behavior you are showing. Simply lifting your fingers up off the trackpad should solve the issue.


Yes, using a Mac (Desktop), but not a trackpad. Using a Logitech MX Master 2S mouse. Also tried a Dell mouse and a regular Mac mouse, all produce the same results.

It seems to produce the same behavior and I am almost positive it is related. What version of LayOut are you using?

Layout 2019

So, you are saying that a software bug is causing this behavior. If so, when will the bug be fixed? The inability to have the first mouse click produce the expected behavior is making the software unusable for me.

Do you have the latest display drivers installed?

Was not aware that display driver versions were an issue with MacOS Mojave.