Layout Reference Organization

Layout files can get loaded with a great deal of references, hundreds of images, dozens of SU files, DWG files, etc. The default organization of insertion date leave a lot to be desired. Not saying that isn’t a useful sorting method, it certainly can help track things down, but it would be nice to be more granular.

It would be great to be able to sort by NAME, file type, date inserted, date of referenced file version, status, and bonus points for being able to sort with contingencies (like first sort by type, then name). I think it would be easier to sort through these reference files without folder heirachy being associated with the name - see screenshot below.
instead of file name showing up as “…/…/Trades/Trades Edited/119 Laundry E.jpg” it could just show up as “119 Laundry E.jpg”


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Anyone from the Layout team on the forum? Is there somewhere better to make requests than this, where people might see it?

Asking here is a good option. @trent is the LayOut product manager, and does read requests in the forum. Having said that, I’m not sure why nobody replied to your post in two weeks!

Hi 2atays and thanks Colin for the ping.
Yes our Reference dialog could use some love and your suggestions on making things more granular is a great one. As we continue to improve the underlining architecture of LayOut, UI modernization is also a focus area for us. I have captured this request and will take this into account as we update our UI.

Thanks for your interest in LayOut.


LO-15406 internally

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That’s awesome, thanks Trent!

Very excited about the changes I’ve seen this year. Super stoked for your future improvements.