Layout recommendations

Some ideas for Layout -

Grid snap and object snap indicators. I switch both grid snap and object snap as I dimension and draw lines in Layout. I would value a pair of status bar indicators, dots or symbols to display when each of the two snaps are engaged or disengaged.

Layer control. The Sketchup tag list box is valuable. Let’s have a similar or identical list box in Layout.

Move. In Layout when I want to move a subject line to a specific point, say the end point of another line, I place the cursor over an end point of the first line and attempt to move it. Layout thinks I want to stretch the line, not move it. When I place the cursor a little away from the end point, I can move the line but then I have difficulty with precise snapping at the destination location. What about a Move command “M” as in Sketchup? After I key “M” Layout will know that I want to move the line not stretch it and I can be precise in my cursor placement.

Thin line mode. One the of the joys of Autocad is its ability to display very thin lines that enable precise snapping and the ability to distinguish between close spaced bunches of lines. Along with Raster, Vector and Hybrid, what about a display mode that paints everything as very thin lines ignoring the lines’ width characteristics?