Layout Problems. ,!

Generally I’m a fan of Sketch Up for iPad however I decided to try to follow the Instructions from a You Tube, about using Layout I had all sorts of problems. I understood, that I’d have to go over to the Sketch Up Pro version on my desktop to Progress with this & I worked out how to draw the rectangular viewports in the Layout environment but could not get them to behave like AutoCAD viewports IE. as a Window into the Sketch Up environment, where I could set Scales to show a series of Elevations, Cross Sections & an Isometric of the whole model in the corner to help orientation. I probably neede to go back & listen to the You Tube again, to check if I’d missed out a command… I couldn’t work out where the problem was to correct it. Hopefully someone else will have had this issue & could maybe nudge me in the direction of understanding this topic, a bit better. Thanks. Angus Fordyce.

For starters…

SketchUp Layout Help Page

SketchUp Layout playlist at Youtube:

SketchUp Essentials Layout playlist at Youtube:

Mike Brightman’s Layout playlist:

BTW – Layout is not AutoCAD :wink:

Thank the Lord Almighty :rofl: