Layout - Page Navigation

I think I am correct that LO is lacking two simple but useful navigation functions which could be hot keyed & potential have tool bar icons…

Jump to Home / First page
Jump to End / Last page

I find both of these to be really useful in general document navigation.

If I have missed them e.g. they are hard coded, please can someone point me in the right direction?

On the pages tray you can choose whatever page you want to go without going through all the pages in your file.

True, but LO already has Next & Previous as hot keys, so why not Home & End? Sure would beat opening the Page Tray just to make that jump if you want to check all pages starting at the beginning or jumping to the end to add a new page.

Why not just keep the Page Tray open all the time. I use it many,many times each day.

Apart from the Page Tray taking up screen space or adding to screen clutter?

Due to the simple nature of my A3 drawings I can currently use page Next & Previous quicker than going to the tray & scrolling. All I am suggesting is by convention the Home & End keys should also be active in what is basically a documentation program to speed up page navigation. I would then only need to open the Page Tray to add or remove pages.

A simple interface is an efficient one, that why SU is so popular. If you have to look for something it slows you down.

You could always project this idea further forward in preparation for LO being developed with Chapters (subgroups) in which case Home & End with modifiers could let you step through your Chapters for plans, sections, elevations.

Totally, with addition of Back (to previous page) / Forward (to original page). Working on large docs means a lot of page selection when transferring volumes of content from one page to another!