Layout: How to set scale across several pages?

I made a page in Layout. It’s a floor plan, overhead ortho, artwork imported from a Sketchup file. Under the “Sketchup Model” tray, in the “View” tab, the scale pull-down menu (to the right of the “Ortho” button) says "Current scale (1:59.3263). I then added a second page for another floor plan, same wall arrangement, view, etc… How can I set this Page 2 to be the same scale as my Page 1 (1:59.3263)? The obvious goal is to have them matched in size for consistency’s sake. I did try typing the value into the pull-down, since it seems to be editable, then I hit “Enter”, but of course that didn’t work.


You probably ought to choose a reasonable scale. Make it 1:60, for example and use that. Scroll to the bottom of the scale list and add a custom scale if there isn’t one to fit.

OK, I now see where that can be done. Now, for those who are math-impaired, or sleep-deprived, how does one determine what comprises 1:60? In other words, when making a custom scale, it looks like I gotta enter the values as “1’ = X”, I don’t see a place where I can type in “1:60”.

1:60 indicates 1’ on the paper equals 60’ in the model. Or 1" on the paper equals 60" in the model.

Ok. Getting closer now. But, the tray says “Current Scale 1:59.3263”. Now, how do I determine if this particular indicator is in reference to feet, inches, mm, or ?? Not to get nit-picky with it, I’m just trying to understand how Layout decides this.

A scale like that doesn’t have any units. 1:59.3263 means that one unit measured on the page, no matter what units you choose equals 59.3263 of the same units in the model. After you’ve created the new custom scale, select the viewport and select the scale. Repeat that process for the viewport on the next page. This is all very basic stuff. It isn’t supposed to be tricky at all.

Dave you’re absolutely right, it isn’t supposed to be tricky at all.

Thank you again for your help.

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