LayOut API SDK - Help with Ruby Example CreateLayOut

I download the 2017 SketchupAPI SDK and LayOutAPI SDK, I use RubyExampleCreateLayOut sample,but create .so file can’t work on Sketchup2017.
Please tell me,what can I do about it?

Your profile says you are using Windows 10, so I assume you are developing from Visual Studio. I don’t know what version of Visual Studio you are using. The SDK needs 2010, or is it 2015 now? You didn’t say what error messages you had when your required your “.so” file. Perhaps you built either the Debug or Release versions for “Win32”. Change your target to “x64” to create a 64 bit “.so” file that is compatible with Sketchup 2017.

You need to copy the “.so” file that is in the “Debug (2.2)” folder or the “Release (2.2)” folder (depending on whether your target is Debug or Release version), sub-folder “x64”. Sketchup 2017 is configured for Ruby 2.2.4 and needs the “(2.2)” type folders, and the “x64” folder is of course 64 bit. The only file in a “2.2” directory for Windows should be “x64”, as the “2.2” directory itself is for 32 bit, which doesn’t apply to Sketchup 2017.

Hello!powermedia, can you tell me Where can I download layout sdk? :thinking: