Layout 2021 not responding

Layout consistency does not respond when I open it and insert a model. I have done a test with a simple sketchup model that only consists of a cube and layout will still ghost out and not respond. Has anyone experienced something like this? I am using a powerful windows laptop but something isn’t right. Layout is set to run as administrator and I have set my graphics card (nvidia geforce gtx) to high performance. Thank you in advance!

You shouldn’t have LayOut set to run as administrator. You should have installed both SketchUp and LayOut by right clicking on the downloaded installer and selecting Run as administrator from the context menu.

What model is the graphics card? Have you updated its drivers recently?

Where is the Sketchup model saved? Are you inserting it into a shipped template or a custom template you made?

Note that the message Not Responding means that LayOut is busy processing your last request and won’t respond to anymore input from you until it is finished.

I reinstalled and set administrator as you said from the downloaded installer. Worked! Thank you so much!

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