Layout 2019 Text Spacing gone?

Did Text Spacing disappear in Layout 2019 or just move? I occasionally use the feature under “Spacing” that is an option when you have Rulers on and a text block selected. No options are showing up in the Ruler on 2019.

same here … very disappointed with the new version …

line spacing? , I had to add as a toolbar icon in customisation,line spacing is there

Hi dickeyride and gavatar, we had been using some built in Mac font formatting tools specifically when using Rulers that were very helpful. Unfortunately by doing this it had caused some stability issues outside of our control. For example in 2018 selecting Other… from the Styles pulldown using the menu items on the Ruler LayOut would crash. There were a number of other areas like that in the past that we had to contend with and many times were unable to fix. We decided this release to disable this menu item but it came at the cost of spacing tool.

We are looking at ways to solve this.


Thanks for the detailed response. Not a deal breaker, but was a nice feature that allowed us to customize our drawings even further. Occasionally I’ll use Layout to compose a page that has nothing to do with SketchUp, and this feature helped make it almost an improvised InDesign for me.