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Hello All
SU 2013 w7
I started a SU model and began organizing my layers according to the building process. I had them all numbered and in order from the top down. But, then I was poking around and clicked on the “C” in the upper right corner of the layers window and all my layers became jumbled up and I lost the original order. Is there a way to get back the order, or do I have to go back and start over?

Hello @pault728,

The C refers to the color assigned to the layer. When you click on that the layers are arranged in an order related to the sequence of the colors of the various layers.

To get your layers in the chronological order you want, try clicking on the Name tab or the same row as the C in the Layers dialogue box. This should arrange the layers in alphabetical or numerical order.


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If all you can see is ‘C’, then the Layers dialog is slightly reduced.
Simply drag it wider to see the full name of the column, ‘Color’.
Also notice you can grab the column headers to resize them

Click the ‘Name’ column repeatedly and you’ll see that it sorts by name, ascending/descending.
Click the ‘Visible’ column and notice how those sort as well.

The default layer numbering does not sort logically.
Adding a simple prefix to layer names insures they will sort logically.

Pad the default layer numbers with zeros and they’ll sort as expected.
A, B, C letter prefixes work fine too.

Default Sort

Logical Sort with ‘0’ Padding Added