Laptop for HS son and Windows 11

Hey all,

My son is in HS and is an aspiring architect. He’s been using Sketchup Free and we’d like to get him a laptop to use for Sketchup and possibly V-ray. One of the ones I’ve been looking at is the Acer Predator Helios 300 with i7-11800H CPU, RTX 3060, and 16 GB ram. Would those specs be good for someone starting out?

The other thing I’m trying to figure out for sure is whether or not Windows 11 will work well. I saw some things in the past saying it might be best to go with Windows 10 but I’m not sure if that’s been ironed out or not. If Windows 11 works, it expands the range of laptops we can look at since a lot of the new ones come with 11 and not 10. I appreciate any advice you can give me. Thanks!

Certainly, I think. If you want to add anything, more RAM, perhaps.

Looking at recent forum posts, this might still be a bit uncertain. My computers are offering an upgrade, I am thinking of biting the bullet and sacrificing one to see what happens.

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If you are going with Windows 11, get the 12th generation processor. Win 11 is designed to utilize the features of the 12th gen Intel CPU. AMD is behind the ball on this.