Здравствуйте,помогите пожалуйста,не могу установить русский язык на sketch up,выдает ошибку,английская версия ставится без проблем,а вот русский язык никак не хочет устанавливаться,заранее спасибо

Try using the offline installer:

It includes the language packs. I will report the error about the online language pack.

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I was able to install several languages, including Russian, using the 2021-1-332-166 online installer. That installer requires an internet connection in order to download localized language packs. Your problem might might have been due to lack of a reliable internet connection at the time of installation.
The alternative, as Colin noted, is to use the offline version of the installer which is bundled with all languages, so an internet connection is not needed.

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