Just PAID and no license sent

Just paid and no license sent. Account shows only a Trial version active

How much did you pay? Did you buy a subscription license? If so, there is no license to send you. You just go to the Subscription tab in the license panel and sign in with the e-mail address and password you used when you bought it. Once you are signed in it should look something like this.

Thank you for your response!

I just paid $299 and I see this…?

Click on the head icon at the top right to log out, quit SketchUp, start it again and then log back in.

I checked at our end, and everything looks ok. I’m hoping that what Dave says, about signing out and in again will be enough to make the trial message go away.

If it is a subscription I don’t think any license information should be sent to you. You just sign in with the account you bought the license for.

However I think SketchUp could be more pedagogical about how licenses work. It seems to be the email confirmation isn’t very clear with how to proceed. Maybe it doesn’t contain enough information; maybe it contains too much information and people don’t bother reading it. Maybe it is badly structured so you can’t see what to do next without skimming through legal stuff and thank you for purchasing and other noise.

I need to read theses emails some day, to see if there is something that could be more prominent. One prominent message we do show is in the Welcome to SketchUp. It does clearly say what you need to do, but it might be 30 days since you last saw the message.


If someone is mentally set on getting a license in an email they may not even start SketchUp to see that message until they have found the license in an email.

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That message is in the email, not in SketchUp, so the ones that wait for an email would not be affected, they are reading it.

If you are on a trial, there is no plan tied to it but the Free Plan that everyone gets. The offline period for the trial is 7 days. This info is stored in the webcache and log files, as well on the servers of Trimble. (ie. ‘Trimble Id JohnDoe@mail.com is on trial, started on date…-…-…’) If you do not actively sign out and back in, the info on your computer won’t be changed or updated.

For Subscriptions, the most important thing is you need to have an active Trimble ID to get access to the Trimble products range.
You buy (or get) a Plan (Pro Subscription, Shop Subscription).
If you buy a Subscription, you can alternatively assign it to another email (Trimble ID), in your AMP (Account Management Portal)
By default, it is set to be the same as the one that buys. (In the Store)
Everyone (buyers and getters) gets a link to the AMP sent by email, almost immediately.( but sometimes end up in rhe spamfolder) so your AMP is crucial

There is also a download link in that portal for the desktop client.
It would be nice to have a ‘launch’ desktop client, like the one for the ‘premium modeller’ (Shop)
If you have a launch button, it would be automatically tied to the Trimble ID that has the plan (no need for popping up Xtra tabs in the browser)

It would be nice to see ‘classic licenses’ as well in the AMP.

FWIW we have most problems with students who also have a portal of the institution were they study. They expect it pops up, there, instead of in their Trimble AMP.

Edit: Ultimately (bought) extensions could wind up in the AMP, as well (and certificates)


THANK YOU everyone for the responses. It’s nice to feel the community out there for me at this early stage.

I feel though, that the situation was finally corrected after I added myself as a "member " under account management. Then I saw the SkletchUp Pro plan under plans.

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