Jagged lines on Mojave and expired trial


My problem is a little bit complicated :). I’ve started using Sketchup 2 weeks ago. 30 day trial period was perfect choice for me.
Everything worked nice till upgrade to macos mojave.
First problem was that my trial expired 12 day before end of trial. I’ve decided to download SU Make but it is impossible to work with. Every lines including Axis are completly jagged.
I did everyhing I found on community including `Test.set_AA_method and even tried OpenGL profiler from Xcode. Nothing helps.
Now I am not sure if problem is with SU Make or Macos version.
Web version works perfect, every line are smooth and beautiful.
No idea what to do

We’ll have to hope for a reply from someone on the Trimble team (@Barry?).

Make 2017 predates Mojave and has not been updated since Mojave was released, so it is possible there are some compatibility issues. This is exactly the sort of thing that concerned many of us when Make was frozen at 2017.

I’m probably more concerned about Intel 550 than I am about Make & Mojave. I have a laptop with Intel Iris Pro, but I always force it to use AMD Radeon R9 M370X. I’ll see if I can find one to test. So that’d be a MacBook Pro (13-inch, 2016, Four Thunderbolt 3 Ports) and later? Can you post a pix of what it looks like, @bartoszx ?

@Barry, Screen of jagged line problem or picture of MacBook ?

Antialiasing is back in as a supported feature in 2018, and in 2016 you could set the antialiasing with Ruby. In 2017 you could do neither of those things.

Antialising-wise the best option would be to download SketchUp Pro 2016, it can take Test.set_AA_method(4) in the Ruby console, and then future SketchUp windows will have antialiasing. When the trial runs out it should remain usable as if it was Make.


Jagged line, but @colin already has a good follow-up.


@colin i will try 2016.

It’s worth pointing out that the image preview in the forum post looks like there is some antialiasing. You need to click the image to see it full size, to then really see the jagginess. Even then there may be some softness that was added as part of the screen capture. Here’s a side by side shot of a cube in 2016 with AA on the left, and 2017 in the right.

I did test with 2018 on Mojave and Sierra. I almost sure that problem is with Mojave.
On every version of SU on Mojave show jagged lines.