Issue with attributes not updating when "Replacing" a component with another

Hi Guys,

I’ve just discovered something very frustrating after spending days setting up Components for a Scaffolding System. Hoping someone has a solution!

I created each component and assigned a Custom Attribute of “Weight” (kg) so that I can run a report and pick up the total weight of a scaffolding assembly.

When making my assemblies I will commonly copy and paste components, then right click the replacement I need in the component window to replace the copied item with a new size of component.

This is creating the issue. The Entity Info displays the correct component name when replaced, but the attribute “Weight” and name are staying as the original component. This is then transferring into the reports and is incorrect

Here is the correct Component (Green), name and Weight attribute in the first image below. I then copy this forward to the red location and right click the “STANDARD 2.0m” in the Library and select “Replace”.

You can see the component has been replaced by the shorter 2.0m item but the attribute data is not updating to the 2.0m Standard name and weight

When I bring in the Component from scratch, it is fine, but for speed and efficiency I need to be able to “Replace Selected” with the Attribute data updating as I do that! Anyone know a fix???

It happens with all Components. I have attached a basic file with a couple for testing. Inserting them is fine. replacing them causes Attributes to stay the same as the original. Saved as 2019 file for more viewers but I use Pro 2023:
Component Attribute Replacing Issues.skp (917.1 KB)

I have just discovered the Swap Component option in the right-click context box… Please don’t tell me this is the only way! It only lets you do one at a time! :sob::sob:

If you use equals before the Weight value, it will update on redraw, can look up @DanRathbun work on redraw extension

With regards to naming, you have the name attribute, the instance, definition and _name

the instance will work only after insert of instance from saved definition, not with a newly defined definition,
see 3.1m. can change instance and DC dialog updates

the name overwrites the option label if not = “” (null) otherwise the instance

the original attribute dialog label can be excess with “_name”
Component Attribute Replacing 2.skp (468.3 KB)

maybe best to fully use DCs, what takeoff using? suggest cultist to cope with hidden and DC copies

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Thanks, I tried the = and it seemed to do something. I’ll look into that more.

But now another strange issue is happening…

The Highlighted steel board was the correct length at 2415mm (2.4m) but it was displaying 3.1m name and attributes.

I right-clicked and “Swap Component” for a 2.4m board from windows explorer where I have my components saved. And now Sketchup has inserted a completely incorrect component. It shows a board that is 3229mm long (I do not have a component this size! It should be 3077mm for a 3.1m), the weight displayed is for a 1.8m Steel board, but the name has been corrected to the 2.4m board

This is very frustrating and making me want to give up on Sketchup again…

you are creating basic dynamic components, to retain a fixed value you need to limit it by the equals sign, the other movements are related to scaling, which is important when you want to swap components and have them update to the current with use of the current formula.

if you upload the problem planks, can confirm this
need to work now, free in 7hrs

I am sort of understanding you but not fully figuring out how or why you have adjusted that 3.1 Steel Board in your file you sent back. I can see what you have done when clicking into each attribute box. I copied what you did with the 3.1m board to the 2.4m Board but I am not understanding what that is doing… (screenshot below)

I clearly need to learn more about how to set components up properly. Any good guides or youtube vids out there?

Here are some Steel Board and Tube Components in 2023 format:
Components Test Sept (593.5 KB)

The DCs attached are scaled to suit the different lengths, can incorporate into a bigger DC for bays, could send bases, poles? maybe private?

DC_scaffold.skp (95.4 KB)

Thanks for your help with this. I had to give up for a while, work got in the way :upside_down_face: Hopefully I’ll get back to it.