Issue with a RBS old extension and the report

Ok, let’s see how I can formulate this question so that you can understand me:

At the place where I work, where we build structures with tubes and joints, a few years ago they had a sketchup extension created for themselves, where they extracted a report of how many pieces there were, and how to cut them in the most efficient way with the least waste according to the length of the factory tube.

This extension is obsolete (it was for sketchup 2008) and they also no longer use the same product codes so it is of little use. I don’t know anything about programming but I understand that the extension basically processed the report data in a kind of Excel and gave it to you in HTML.

The thing is that this extension is in .rbs, I have no way of seeing how it was formulated, My mission in this matter is to be able to replicate, using between the report that gives sketchup and excel, something similar since I don’t know how to program,

Any Ideas or suggestion to achieve this goal?

I don 't know about Ruby scripting, but I understand that RBS is an encrypted version of the original RB file that would probably be in the possession of the original developer.

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