Is there any planograms plug-in?

Is there any planograms plugging? It would be great since Sketchup works with almost every field. This is something that JDA or ezPOG work with. Live like merchandise for space and floor planning


Hi @nickg2003,

I’m curious what that would look like as an Extension as opposed to a Template or Component library. What would be unique to it as a Feature or Extension in the software?

Also, moving this to Extensions rather than feature requests based on the question.

Hi Jody…sorry for my late response. I’m not sure what the uniqueness would be. You mention component library? Would this be where we can find major products like coke bottles example…sizes or its attributes? I guess what I want is to get a hold of products with their life size and attributes besides taking pictures and using it as an image. Planograms seem to do that. It would be great to have a library with all the products or a connection with the retailers to provide these. Just the way furniture co. provides their cad files or other formats. I hope I’m clear about my point, thanks for your time and response I really appreciated.