Is there any extension for modular aluminum enclosures?

I want to know is there any extension or a quick way we can make aluminum section or cabin. With aluminum panel, glass in between and wooden plywood. image is attach to what i have to say. there are may extension to make walls doors and windows. but i want to know is there any extension to make the aluminum section or cabin

I’ve also got a similar question:

Is there any extension to create a museum?

Please make it iconic! I’m a bit tired of boxes!


PS: Sorry I couldn’t resist, please don’t take me wrong!


Profile Builder 2


You can have a plugin made, or you can make a dynamic component with all built in options.

how profile builder 2 can work

I would just make a set of components to use as a kit of parts. You would probably need only three different parts (a section with wall panels, one with a window and one with a door, plus a corner profile.



thanks for the suggestion i will try

I agree with @Anssi. I can see how a structure such as in your image would be quite easy to assemble from standard components (much as the real thing is no doubt assembled), allowing full flexibility in where the doors, windows, and plain panels go. Any competent SketchUp user should be able to create the kit of components and then assemble them. Save the components in a collection and you can make other variations of the enclosure in the future.

Though perfectly feasible, it would take more programming effort to accomplish the equivalent in a plugin. I don’t know the market for such structures or your ultimate intent for use of the models, so I don’t know whether the programming effort would be justified.