Is there a way to define the scale of nested object components

Is there a way to define the scale of nested object components. If I want to define the scale of all the objects I have in the drawing how can I do it without having to go inside each group and component and individually define the scale

Whatversion of SketchUp are you using? There might be a way but it depends on the version of SketchUp. Please complete your profile.

Sketchup 2024

Put that in your forum profile.

Extension Warehouse: Scale Definition Pro should do what you want.

Where should I mention on my profile that I use SketchUp 2024?

I tested the plugin you recommended with both SketchUp 2022 and 2024, but it doesn’t fulfill my requirements. I attempted to create 5 components, each scaled differently, then grouped them together. I scaled the entire group externally. Although I redefined the scale using the plugin, upon reopening the group, the internal components had not been redefined in their respective scales.

Click on your avatar at the top right of the forum window, click on the person icon, then Preferences and Profile. While you’re completing the information update the operating system, too. Then scroll to the bottom and save the changes.

The extension scales the definitions of the groups and components as indicated. I tested it in SU2024 and it works as advertised.

What is it you actually want to have happen?

You’re right, it works and I apologize. But, Try to resize the objects one by one, group them, resize the whole group, activate the plugin and the definition scale is right for both the group and the individual objects. At this point, however, enter the large group, go to one of the elements, with the right mouse button you will see that the object still has the scale definition item active. This fooled me, because I verified, following your suggestion, that if you tell it to restore the scale it does not restore any scale. The plugin worked, but this had also led me astray. Anyway, thanks and congratulations, it’s an excellent solution.