Is sketchup eventually using the API for macOS, Metal and take full advantage of the apple gpu? Is it even posible to do it?

I own a m1 max MacBook Pro, and also a windows pc with nvidia 3070 gpu, i love my MacBook, it’s an amazing machine, but I’ve realized that the api used by sketchup is OpenGL for windows and Mac. Working with very big models with lots of geometry I can tell that the pc can take advantage of the hardware more than the max, specially on layout. I’m not an engineer or a developer and my knowledge about hardware and software isn’t big enough to know how everything works, I hope someone can explain better how is sketchup running on apple silicon macs and if it’s possible for sketchup to change to apples metal api.

I have an M1 Max MacBook Pro as well, running macOS Ventura. SketchUp still appears to running ok. I used an app called GLView, and it tells me that OpenGL 4.1 is still available to apps. I don’t know if there is a translation layer to then really do things with Metal 3, but however it works, SketchUp is running faster than my work Intel Mac

I found this discussion about switching to Metal:

It wanders off a bit, taking about how few Macs there are, but that doesn’t matter really. Close to 100% of Mac users would be happy to see SketchUp using Metal. You could add some comments to that topic.

I wonder how difficult would that be, since Trimble released SketchUp for iPad, which I think it only uses Metal (I am not 100% sure about that). It seems implementing the technologies that Apple developed would be a huge boost for SketchUp.