Is it possible to convert a component into a group

Is it possible to convert a component into a group, which preserves its attributes as happens when converting a group into a component?

You can explode dynamic and non dynamic components into raw geometry, then make that into a group. Groups don’t really have much in the way of attributes. What do you preserve when you convert to component?

Why are you wanting a group instead of just a unique component?

I have a parent component made up of 2 groups and a component that in turn has other nested components, what I want is to have 3 groups so that the cut list only shows me the parent component and not the parent and the one that is neste

Which cut list extension are you using?

Open cut list

Was looking for the same fix. I followed endlessfix’s advice and it worked. You can do it from the outliner (Mac). I first isolated the component on my screen. Then I selected it and made a group (it was made of several smaller components. I exploded every sub component and then was left with a single group that used to be a component or in my case multiple components