Intersect tool

I want to make a cut where the rectangle intersects with the tubes to make the part to the left a separate piece.
I have been trying to use the intersect tool without success. I tried with a second rectangle a short distance along from the other, hoping to delete the section in between to leave the bot on the left not joined to the bit on the right.

Not sure where I am going wrong?

Life raft frame.skp (598.4 KB)

Using native tools highlight the rectangle and frame, with those selected right click, select the option intersect faces with selection and then delete what you don’t need and then tidy faces etc.

Or use DaveR’s method which is quicker.

Like this?

Use a right to left selection around just that part of the tube to select on it. Then press G to create a component and complete the component. the select the other parts and make them components, too.


Thank you so much. I think what was throwing me was when I selected the left end the lines of the pipe didn’t go blue so I thought not all the geometry I needed was selected. I followed your video and it worked fine. Thanks again