Interesting AI generated Ruby Code example

I think he was being sarcastic because I had asked twice for you to correct the code posting in your 1st post.

Okay, for the last time … READ THIS:

Then, go back up to the 1st post, and click the pencil icon to edit the post, and insert the delimiters for posting code in this forum, before and after the block of code.

I will no longer help you with code unless it is properly posted.

Good luck with that. I again refer you to the book lists in the resources I posted a link to above.

I will point you toward one of the links in my Ruby Learning Resources list …

It helps coders familiar with certain languages understand the differences and similarities of Ruby versus these other programming languages.

Other than this, debating what coding language is best, better or worse is just a general waste time.
SketchUp has Ruby and C APIs. Take your pick.