Installation for multiple users

It seems as though the installation for the Sefaira plugin only works for the Windows account that installed it. Is there any way to install the plugin for all users? I think the way plugins are handled in 2017, the version we are using, is different than previous versions. Whereas before, you can drop the plugin in the Plugins folder, but that doesn’t seem to work for me. Any suggestions?

Extensions install in a User directory.instead of in the application directory. This change happened with SU2014, I think. (Certainly several years ago.) So the extension would need to be installed in each user’s directory. Make sure aren’t violating any licensing limitations for Sefaira.

Thanks, DaveR. That’s too bad that each user has to install extensions on their own. Now I just need to train a bunch of students how to do it!

You can thank Microsoft and Apple for that. They changed the security settings so that files can’t be added to directories in Program Files and Applications without the user making security changes. It seems it’s beyond most users to figure out how to make those changes. If you had spent as many hours as some of us, including me, helping users getting extensions and plugins installed correctly, you would welcome the change.

The location change also means that extensions and plugins don’t have to be reinstalled in the event SketchUp is uninstalled and reinstalled.

It shouldn’t be an onerous task to teach users to go to Window>Extension Manager and click on Install Extension.

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Sefaira has a ruby file which should be installed in that folder, but has an additional server running ‘beyond’ SketchUp which need to be installed, copying folders doesn’t do that.

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