Inside house?

If i build an House on Sketchup 2017 is it possible to look/go inside the House and work inside it?
Because i know an free 3d program were it is possible.

If you make proper use of layers, components and groups it’s very easy to hide and unhide certain parts of the house in order to work on the inside.

There’s a ton of tutorials and a lot of articles on the SketchUp help that cover this topic.

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Use of the camera will allow you to travel inside the building.


@Eric1959, besides, you can also make use of section planes. Once the active section plane itself is made invisible (just a double click to toggle its activity) you can work on the rest, the visible inside.

I also prefer using sections. In my workflow Layer stuff is better to handle presentations and remove unnecessary stuff like furniture and landscape, than to remove parts of the building that you should be seeing to have a global notion of it.

What you can also do is use:

  • View > Hide rest of model to work on single parts of the model without seeing the others, you can assign a key for that command;
  • Exporting a component and work on a smaller part of the building on a new Sketchup session, save it and reload the component on the original model.