Importing texture without knowing dimensions

I’m building a spaceship model for someone and they want me to use a specific texture set (which includes albedo, normal, roughness, and metalness). I add the normal, roughness, and metalness to the material after the model has been imported into Unreal Engine. However, I need to get a sense of how certain details of textures will look in certain locations on the model. To do this, I need to be able to apply a placeholder texture the appropriate surfaces in SketchUp. I export the albedo (color portion of the texture) as a TGA file from Unreal to my desktop, but when I import to SU it asks me for the dimensions (w 3’ x 3’ preset) and I have no way of knowing what the actual dimensions are. How can I get SU to recognize pre-existing intended dimensions for a texture? I’m worried that guesstimating the size in SU will result in mismatching when I apply the other layers back on in Unreal

You could do a little Ruby research…

When you import an image as a texture it’s added to a material.
You can get a reference to that material, as:
In turn material.texture contains accessible data using methods like its current .height & .width, .size and its original .image_height & _width etc.
material.texture.size=(34, 21)
with its width, height [in inches]
Perhaps use something like:
material.texture.size=(t.image_width, t.image_height)

Which forces the texture size to match the original image size - using pixels versus inches ??

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