Importing STL in web version

Looking at this page:

It states that the web version can import STL. However when I open a file from my computer, STL files are not shown. I then select all files. But then when I open it, it will not import it.

Has anyone successfully imported an STL til in the Web version?


Are you using SketchUp Shop or SketchUp Free as your profile says you are? I have no problem inserting a .stl file with SketchUp Shop.

Unfortunately, if you’re still using the Free version you don’t get STL inserting. That’s part of the Shop version.

The page the OP linked to should be corrected then.

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So, correction to what I said. Both versions allow inserting as in picking a file from your computer, but neither version allow drag and drop. Seems drag and drop only works for SKP, JPG (and JPEG now), and PNG. STL in Free, and the other formats in Shop, seem not to work.

Well, not being able to drag and drop is no big deal.

It is kinda cool though.

First of all I am using Sketchup Web Free
As I understand on the page. It states that Skethcup Web Free should be able to load/open STL files.

But it doesn’t work for me. Anyone else that can make this work?

Have you tried it? I can’t make it work in Web Free version.

Sounds like you are using ‘Open’ rather than ‘Insert’.

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I’m using SketchUp Shop and it works fine there. My screen shots show the inserted .stl file. It may be that Colin was originally correct but the page needs to be corrected. You could share your .stl file and I can try importing it to see what happens.

Free does work, I signed out to check.

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I’ve just checked again, signed in with a free version I have no problems with drag and drop or Insert from the folder icon.
Insert stl

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It looks like something may have been wrong with my first STL file, other files are drag and dropping ok.

On my first test of Free the drag and drop failed, making me think it wasn’t going to work. At the top of the window it said file format not supported, and in the lower part it said to upgrade to get many other file formats, including STL. But, it was just a drag and drop issue with that particular file. Both Insert and drag and drop of STL should work in Free.

Load and Open are both not the right term. Insert or drag and drop should work. You would be in an existing model at the time, or in the import/export page. Doing Add Model into Trimble Connect doesn’t work for STL.

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Thanks to everyone.
Yes I was trying to open the STL file. When using the Insert feature it works.


I’m curious about what in my first reply to you wasn’t clear about using Insert.

@DaveR: There was nothing unclear in your replies.

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