Importing geolocation is off by 10 meters

I have imported the geolocation and placed my building on map. When I export my finished file to Google Earth, the house is about 10 meters to the west. Right there on the road blocking all traffic :slight_smile:

I bet the neighbors don’t appreciate that. :slight_smile:

What is the location? Since the geo-location data doesn’t come from Google I guess slight differences could be expected. Which one is right?

While testing my kml importer, I have often noticed a discrepancy of up to a couple of meters between kml placemarks exported by Google Earth and the corresponding locations in SketchUp geolocation. There are a lot of technical reasons this can happen. I wouldn’t use either as an official reference based on the coordinates, rather move things as necessary to align them with features.

This is my second attempt at Sketchup. I really like create from pictures feature.

When importing the map is offset from the picture:

I chose to place my house according to the picture:

This is how it looks in Google earth:

It would be nice if I can keep the image from the geolocation, but place it differently in the real world.

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