Import .skp file from local source with

hey you…
can someone give me a hint?
I want to load a skp file from a specific folder into sketchup to a specific point

####das geht geil!!allmost
# a local source...
mod = Sketchup::active_model
defs = mod.definitions
ent = model.active_entities
#path = Sketchup.find_support_file("Bed.skp","Components/Components Sampler/")#this one works

path = "C:/__ib_SKP_RUBY_ib__/NewApproach/SRA.skp" #but this one not, where is my mistake?
cdef = defs.load(path)
return unless cdef # good practice
# could be "next unless cdef" inside a loop

point = Geom::Point3d::new( 200, 400, 500 )
cinst = mod.active_entities.add_instance(
  Geom::Transformation::new( point )

sorry I got the solution

FYI: The code you posted must be within a method, otherwise the return unless cdef statement would raise an exception.