Images not showing up in Layout


I opened up two of my Layout files today, and all the images have been replaced by gray boxes with a red “X” in them. I read online that this happens when your system memory is getting full. I cleared up my system memory significantly (only using about 30% of available memory now), and rebooted my iMac. When I reopened the files, the gray boxes with the red “X” where still there.

I went to Document Setup > References, and noticed that the file names are missing entirely, but the status still says “Embedded”, and includes an Insertion Date.

I also went to Document Setup > Paper, and tried to turn the output and document resolution settings to “Low”. This also did not work.

It’s odd because this only happened to two of my newest templates. The older two templates are just fine. I didn’t do anything major w/ my files lately, so this is a bit of a mystery.

Can anyone help out? Thanks!

Kind Regards,