IE 11 Compatiblility Issue with SketchUp Free

Last Saturday I was using SketchUp Free with no problems. Yesterday I started getting browser not compatible errors. I am using Internet Explorer 11 with Windows 10 Pro. I have cleared history and cache but continue to have the problem. Is anyone else having this issue and is there a fix for it?

yep, here. says

A recommended web browser: SketchUp Free depends on WebAssembly, a new technology that requires cutting-edge browser support. For the best experience, we recommend Chrome 59+ or Firefox 52+. Although SketchUp Free will work in Safari and Edge, we cannot confidently recommend these browsers as of this writing.

The fact that it worked for you on IE11 I would consider a miracle, and I would purchase a lottery ticket today. Do you have Edge? Do you have Fall Creators Update? Best results would be to get Chrome, then Firefox.


I downloaded Chrome for my “fix”. Works good lasts a long time…thanks for the replies!


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