I want to remove the default colors

I want to use my own colors and remove the sketchup default colors, but there is a problem. If I delete the default color folders or change the name, the sketchup program tries to reload due to the missing file. Do you know a way to solve this problem? I want to remove the default colors.

You can make your own collection and show yours instead of the default ones…

Could be useful to you?


Thank you for your answer, but I do not want to create a new collection.

Hello, what sketchup version do you use ? your profile says free plan. Are you using sketchup for web then ?
anyway, to change default colors, in the desktop app or sketchup web, that would be in the styles panel.

  • in sketchup web, go to style panel (7th icon from the top) > modify style > face parameters and there you can change face sides colors.
  • in desktop app, go to style panel > edit tab > select second icon (face settings)
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