I want to learn how to find convex hull in 3D

I’m new for the program and I want to learn if it possible step by step with example how to find the convex hull for some points in 3D.
It is part of my work.

I know how to find it by Mathematica but because SketchUp gives more flexibility of the view.
For example for the points
(1,1,1) (3,0,0)(0,4,0)(0,0,3)


With native tools, no. You can not draw points. SketchUp draws edges, and when they are in the same plane, it creates a face.(you can create guidepoints,though, but they are not considered to be ‘Geometry’)
You need to dive into the ruby console and create array’s of points
I have added some categories

These plugins may be of interest…

Q-Hull v1.0 by avariant

Voronoi - Convex Hull v0.1 by a4chitect

Cloud v8.0bxx by D. Bur (Imports and Exports points cloud, several CSV formats supported)

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