I really need some help .... please

Hello, guys, I need a help I am new to 3d modeling, I’m actually trying to learn alone,

I have an STL file, and the object is a body shell car, I wonder how extrude the wheels, and make the outside of the offset with wall 3mm actually inside has to be empty, so it clicks into automodel RC. I believe that all help is welcome !!

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Supercar.stl (2.5 MB)

@flaviohcjorge, we’re all fairly visual people around here, so can you post a picture of some views of your model or the actual SketchUp model (.skp) for us to understand your question better?

or even the stl if that’s as far as you gotten…

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Jesse , how am newbie forum , Segui Also Guidance to jhon , email excludes mine.
managed Upload to STL .
What I need to Discover How To Make It hum displacement from the outside, with Wall 3mm , paragraph leave ONLY the body to Use without rc automodel .

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Flavio JorgeSupercar.stl (2.5 MB)

So, it would appear you want to take this:

And turn it into something 3d printable that would turn out like this:

I am not the one to coach you through that, but hopefully my clarification was correct.

Jesse, Good Night!

Really, you understand what I want to do, what I need is the outside of the piece so that it looks like the picture you posted, as a bodyshell for automodel rc, may have nothing inside, only the outside.
Can you help me in this matter, I am trying to do it alone, but as well not know the program and features, you pretty hard, I will seek a course to do here in Brazil. But still do not know what modeling program is better, already installed Rhino, SolidWorks, zwcad, and that. A colleague who told me that is offset from the outside with wall 3mm. I do not know how to do.
I would like to thank the attention you disponhe this young rookie.

My greetings
Flavio Jorgesupercar.skp (1.8 MB)

@flaviohcjorge, Maybe if you change the title of the thread to something like “How do I create a shell from a surface?” you might get someone with more experience with modeling organic shapes to help out. I’m thinking this would be something where you would want to use “joint push pull” and perhaps somehow convert the model to quadrilaterals and use “subD”? But I personally don’t know how to do it.