I need a function to set something in a DC attribute

is it possible to create a DC function with a command that set something in another DC attribute?
Just like Onclick SET, but to use anywhere, any attribute will set something in another attribute.

Any attribute can reference any of it’s siblings or parents attributes.

There is also the CURRENT() and CHOOSE() functions.

In the latter, one attribute could be an index that causes the other attribute with the CHOOSE() as the formula, to choose a value based upon the “index” attribute.

Hey @DanRathbun , but I need it otherwise, I need to set another attribute and not get something from it. The ones you mentioned just receive.
I really need the same SET command that only works on OnClick.
If something happens Set such value to another attribute.

Well it does not exist. (And the DC extension is unlikely to ever be upgraded to add any more features.)

I understood your desire, but you may need to rethink the problem.

The CHOOSE() alternative if like breaking up your “if condition then set value” into two attributes, with the “if condition” in one and the “choose value” in the other.

I see that this is in the Ruby category.

Is this to be part of an extension you are writing?

If so, is it for only your own use or for publishing so others can use it ?

It is possible to directly set attribute values with Ruby, but you must have intimate knowledge of how the DC extension works. (This is difficult as it is a closed source extension.)