I can't close off a section on a face

I am trying to close off a section on a face so that when I select it, only that item selects (not the whole face). I have tried to draw lines surrounding the section and I have made sure there are no gaps but for some reason I can’t seperate it from the rest of the face. as you can see in the screenshots on both the upper and bottom end of the circle I have tried to section off an irregular shape with lines but the whole face still becomes selected when I click it. this is very frustrating and any help would be appreciated.

Upload the SKP file so we can see better what you’ve got. It looks to me as if you need to be using groups and/or components. I can see that you have some issues related to how you’ve drawn the circles. Seeing the model would help.

ok thanks, here is the model

plunge pool.skp (140.8 KB)

Got it. Check your private messages.

Does this look like what you are trying to model?


yes, thank you. do you know how to fix the issue

I started over because you already had so much bad geometry in there it was easier than fixing it. The trick is clean as you go so you don’t end up with a bunch of intersecting lines.

I did a number of things. I started by drawing a large box to work on. I made the box deep enough to house the bottom part of the pool so it doesn’t extend out the bottom. Then I drew the concentric circles making sure to drag the radii out on axis. I added other edges like the ones on either side of pool that go out to the long edges. Then I used Push/Pull to make the pool and the raised rim.

Another thing I did was to shoot for making it a solid component. Being solid equates to it being a clean model without a bunch of unneeded edges and faces.

You would also find it easier to work if you disable Length Snapping in Window>Model Info>Units.

Did you check your private messages?

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I know it wasn’t your question but you could be interested in increasing the number of segments for each circle, it seems you’re using the default value (24) and DaveR used a higher one, maybe 48 (24x2), you can do it typing 48s while drawing or through the Entity Info window, but you need to do it before the push/pull.

Yes. I did increase the number of sides on the circles to 48.

@spawn thank you for letting me know, that is helpful

I sent you the file. Some of your dimensions seemed a bit arbitrary. I stuck fairly close to them but tried to get rid of the approximate dimensions which would be shown with a ~.

I couldn’t agree more with everything DaveR said, when there are so much bad geometry and the model is simple it’s better to start from scratch.

Another tip if I don’t bother you so much, if it’s possible you can try to align the endpoints of the concentric circles all in the same direction, if it’s possible parallel to some of the axes looks like a good idea to me, I’ll show you an example with 3 circles in which I used 12 segments and I exploded the circles to make endpoints visible through the Styles window checking Endpoints on Edit tab.

@DaveR @spawn thanks for all your help

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