I am working on a wire cable tray and need it to duplicate in the x,y & z axis

I can get the model to operate however you will see that the bottom bars and the straight piece of the u-bars stretch in the x & y axis. I need them to duplicate instead. This way the end result would be a cable tray that could be cut (like it would be in the field) to accept a y-section or an intersection. Not sure if this makes sense. this is my first time reaching out on this forum. I appreciate any of your input. Thank you.3 in 1 CableTray_3.0.skp (1.6 MB)

I can try to help, but I am unclear as to the end result, or goal of the DC. Do you have an example/pic of what the real world installed product(s) looks like?

Thank you for offering to help. If you open the model and select the options you will see how the cable tray expands. For example
4"x24"x18 cells. You can then go in and remove portions of the side rails even portions of the u-rails. I am trying to achieve that same flexibility with the bottom pieces and the straight piece of the u-rail.

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Here’s an image that can be helpful.

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one can hide or not copy depending on the copy number, the attached uses the hidden method,

I placed a “decoder”, that can take a string of 5 values separated by comma, if two or three coincide then the divider is hidden as well

the code is repetitive, you just need to add more to cover more openings.
a bit tedious, but…
once you made a decoder to cover say 10 or 20 values you can always reuse it in other DCs, this string method saves cluttering the option box

3 in 1 CableTray_3.0.skp (414.7 KB)

a note: with these types of internal copies, it pays to purge your file often

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sorry misread your post, I will leave the above for interest, so you want the bars to repeat as grid sections, which you can then delete, I fear that this will quickly become monstrous in both file and creation.
I suggest to go to making the least about of copies as possible, then after exploding it, then use a cookie cutter shape to create the holes / joins.
Or create a see through material to coat a box component.

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