I am unable to open 2 of 5 drawings in a set in layout

Trying to open drawings from a single Layout set of 5 pages. Need to separate them into 5 drawings with their own numbers. Problem is that 2 of the 5, copied as separate drawings, show in the thumbnails, but will not open from either the layout screen or from my Documents (tried original and backup versions in documents) Tried several times but the same two do not open
[If it’s relevant One drive is also loading the files]

If I understand you correctly, you’ve created separate LO files for each of the pages in your main LayOut project. Are you getting a message when you try to open those two pages? Are you saving to and working from One Drive?

Can you share the original LO file and the two files that won’t open?

Hi Dave

Yes I wanted to separately identify each drawing. But also I’m having a lot of problems on document loading speed so I was also trying to avoid sending single large file with the five drawings. But for some reason, although my document file records details of each download, when I try to send nothing happens…and I’m switched back to the Document files. The same happens when I try to open each separate drawing from the thumbnails on the Layout files screen. It could be that the providers speed is the root cause. On the Onedrive question… I don’t actively use this, it all happens in the background…maybe that is wrong for me to do. Thing is I’ve never had this problem before

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If you were saving and working on a file directly in OneDrive or other cloud storage location you could have problems. A microsecond interruption during a save could result in loss of data that results in a corrupted file. It doesn’t take much cause a problem. The best process would be to save files on your local hard drive and use the cloud storage to back up the files.

So try this as an option to the copying and pasting:

Save the main LO file with a new name (Save as…)
Delete the contents from all pages but the one you want to save separately.
Delete the unneeded pages.
Go to Window>Document Set up>References and click the Purge button.
Click Save.

Open the original file and repeat the process for the other page.

One thing you might also consider: Is there any purgeable content in the main LO file? Do you have more than one reference to the same .skp file? Do you have any references that point to a temp folder? Do you have any references that show as missing?

Thank you for that Dave I’ll follow through on your suggestions and let you know the outcome

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