Human head and photo texture

I draw a male head and I want to cover it with photo. But it is not covered properly. For example, the image of the face comes in the back of the head. Is there a way to coat it properly?

Apply the texture just to the surfaces that make up the front of the head. Right now, it is tiling the face texture and ends up repeating on the back. What you need is a second texture of the back of his head that you can apply to the surfaces that make up the back of the head.

Your second screenshot doesn’t reveal how the image has been applied to the front side. Most likely correct, by looking at the back of the head, This side however needs a different image, a picture of the back side of a head.

Split your model (the geometry) into two disconnected objects. For each one apply the proper image as texture to it (projecting the texture as you did). Then reunite the objects to form one object again, the head.

Thank you for the reply. I think it is necessary to apply the same method in the ears.

As shown in the picture how the unwraping uv mesh is done.

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Is there a recording of this live broadcast?

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