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Is it possible to run plugins within the HtmlDialog, such as Adobe Flash? It was possible with the WebDialog but Flash is not detected when I try switching to HtmlDialog.

your on Make so you may as well stick with WebDialogs…

Adobe to say rest in peace to Flash in 2020


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I’m going to be moving away from Flash in the future but wanted to use an existing Flash application for now. I’ve had some issues with crashes using the WebDialog on OS X, and issues with the messaging between the dialog and ruby. I have some work arounds for this but I understand that HtmlDialog has improved the method of passing data to ruby, and is more consistent across platforms so would like to use it if possible.

If it uses the chromium embedded framework then it should be technically possible to run Flash. Is this something the Sketchup would support?

I suppose it is technically possible but I don’t know that the developers enabled browser plugins in the embedded chromium library for HtmlDialog.

Flash is not enabled in the CEF…

dlg =
	dialog_title:     'chrome_flags',
	preferences_key: 'com.local.chrome_flags',
	scrollable:       true,
	resizable:        true,
	width:            800,
	height:           400,
	style:            UI::HtmlDialog::STYLE_WINDOW

pepper flash may be something you can ask the user to enable, but it would per session…

what’s the extension?

what does it need to do?

who are your user base?


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