HtmlDialog - Is not loading images from aws s3 bucket

Hi there, we are working on a plugin that list a lot of materials, so we built a grid with a lot images and materials specs. It’s a webpage that we load in a HtmlDialog. On browser it’s working like a charm, but inside the Sketchup (HtmlDialog) the images does not load. Follow some images:

Inside Sketchup:

Outside Sketchup: Capturar2

Anyone know what’s going on? hahaha

Can you pare down and post a minimal example that others can test ?
(Best if packaged as SketchupExtension in a RBZ zip file.)

In devtools, click on “Console”. What does it say?
Also, click on a request and see the result. What does it say?

Yes Dan, but the problem appear only for some users :sweat_smile: hahaha
I’ll send the .rbz and console print as Kengey ask.

thanks guys!

Hi Kengey, thanks for reply!!
Console nothing, on network tab the requests are “cancelled”!