HtmlDialog as progresswindow

Hello, everyone,
i’m developing a few smaller plugins, which sometimes perform time-consuming operations. for better feedback i’d like to use an HTMLDialog. (only a small page with a progressbar and/or some text, which can be accessed via scripts)
When I initialize the functions, I want to start the HTML dialog and then run an update function at regular intervals.
Unfortunately only the empty dialog opens each time and the function runs through completely, only after that the content of the dialog is displayed…
how can I determine / wait for the completeness of the HTML dialog in the initialization process, in order to continue with the execution of the actual function afterwards?
I would be very grateful for helpful tips,

Greetings from Germany,

any progress bar will slow down the execution of your code…

but, you could update this old WebDialog one of mine to HtmlDialog to have a play yourself…

jcb_cube.rb (4.3 KB)


In the past most attempts at using WebDialogs / HtmlDialogs for a progress bar have failed.

This is why we’ve asked for a UI class to do this for many years. A formal discussion of this feature request is here in the API issue tracker …

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The HtmlDialog still is blocked by the main thread as there’s process synchronization happening there that will be blocked.