HtmlDialog and MacOS


I know the issues with the webdialog and Mac (modal problems):

The show_modal method is used to display a modal dialog box. In SketchUp 6 and 7, this behaves differently on Mac vs. PC. On the PC, it shows a truly modal dialog, meaning so long as the WebDialog is visible, no input can be performed elsewhere inside SketchUp. On the Mac, “modal” WebDialogs do not behave this way, but instead are “always on top” of other windows.

However I see no mention of this same issue in the HtmlDialog documentation. Does the HtmlDialog fix this issue for Macs?


HtmlDialogs attempt to correct the the Windows centric behaviour found in WebDialogs…

with HtmlDialogs both OS’s mostly behave the same, but it is more ‘mac’ like if you avoid UI::HtmlDialog::STYLE_WINDOW

nit pick: a mac is also a PC, windoze is only one of many OS’s the run on PC’s…



All I know is my material manager is working in Windows and broken on the Mac and the reason probably has something to do with this modal issue but I can’t quite put my finger on it.