How to really close faces of a plane section cut Object?

@jipibi92, you can rotate your model “without gravity” while holding down [Shift]. This way it takes only a few seconds to rotate the model in a way that the section plane is just a horizontal line. Making a left to right selection on one side of the plane rather easy in one go.

A natural typo, shift will give you pan, ctrl will suspend gravity.
Here’s a awkward gif of what @Wo3Dan means.
Suspend gravity


@Box, thanks you for correcting me there. I meant to type [Ctrl] indeed instead of [Shift]

No worries, I’m forever typing ‘alt+shift’ when I mean ‘alt+spacebar’.

It’s much like sometimes you think one thing and say another, only this morning I meant to say, ‘could you pass the butter dear.’ and for some reason out came ‘you’ve ruined my life you crazy woman!’


As a real New_be, I made lot of mistakes !..
1- not to uses Intersect faces !
2- not to create a group, of those elements I wanted to keep, on one side of the plane.
3- of course not incorporate the cutting plane in that group…
Yes ,when you do that before, the next sweep-and-delete is easy, you’re right!
I will know next time…
Thanks to each of you !