How to project a curved face (such as mountain) to a planar plane

Can somebody give me some advice? How to project a curved face (such as mountain) to a planar plane. And then get the edge points of the planar plane.
Many thanks.

Just an image of it, or a 2d projected profile outline?

For the former, try a texture using a photo image of the mountain.

Or if you have a solid 3d model of it, use Camera/Parallel projection from the appropriate direction, view it through a plane in Xray mode, and draw the profile based on conferencing from the 3d model.

For a third method, use the photo image imported either as a texture or an image, then draw on the face with the texture, or on a transparent face a short distance above the image, most easily in Top view, parallel projection. Place the image just below the ground plane, and the face to draw on IN othe ground plane.

Do any of those fit your use case?


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Thanks , John. I understand the procedures what you suggest. Actually, I want to project the curved face to a planar face with RUBY API , and then get the points of the planar plane.

Thanks, BOX. With your animation, it is very clear to manipulate the projection with SAND box, I cant to realized the procedures with RUBY API.

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@addsummsun What do have so far?
Are you writing a Ruby tool to mimic the Sandbox Tools Drape Tool?
Explain what you want the code to do with images.

I thought I might have misunderstood the question, and it seems I did. Can’t help you with the Ruby idea.

I have found the similar answer from the forum.